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E-mail Help

     Why am I getting an E-mail password error?

One of the most common E-Mail problems is a password error resulting from incorrect settings in the mail program. If you're getting a password error, make sure that you've double-checked the following:

Your username is entirely in lowercase letters.

You've re-entered your password to confirm that it's typed correctly.

Your account name and E-Mail address are not the same! If your E-Mail address is jdoe@Michcom.net, then your account name is simply jdoe. If you put your E-Mail address in the account name blank, you will get a password error.



     What is a POP lock and why do I keep getting one?

When you connect to our POP3 server (mailin.michcom.net) to pick up your E-Mail, our server will automatically generate a lock file to keep other connections from modifying your mailbox while it's in use. If you unexpectedly disconnect from the mail server, your lock file may be left behind until the server realizes that you're no longer connected.

If you're running ICQ or any other software that monitors your mailbox for new messages, it may periodically activate a POP lock while it checks your mailbox. You will see a POP lock error if another program is checking your mail while you're trying to download it.

If you don't look at the details of the error, Outlook Express makes a POP Lock error message look like a password error. Eudora and some other mail clients will actually notify you that there is a POP lock active.

The mail server should automatically remove POP locks within five minutes.



     Why is my E-Mail taking so long to download?

If you get a large message or a message with a large attachment, it will take longer than usual to download your E-Mail. If it's taking a long time to download your mail, the first step is to be patient! Customers commonly receive attachments in excess of 2MB in size. Depending on how fast you're connected, a file this size could take more than twenty minutes to download.

Sometimes a malformed or excessively large message will confuse your E-Mail client and cause your download to lock up or time out. If, after several attempts at downloading your mail, you're still unable to get your messages, you may need to have us clean up your mailbox.



     Why can't I connect to SMTP servers outside of Michcom.net?

All E-Mail sent from Michcom.net's network must pass through our mail server. This is a common Anti-Spam tactic implemented by many ISP's, including us.

This means that you're unable to run a SMTP server from your dialup modem, and that you're unable to use SMTP servers maintained by other providers.

When sending E-Mail from Michcom.net, you MUST set your SMTP server to mailout.michcom.net.



     Common E-mail Questions

The incoming (POP3) mail server is: mailin.michcom.net

The outgoing (SMTP) mail server is: mailout.michcom.net




If you have additional questions, please feel free to email us at support@michcom.net.


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