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Web Browser Help

     How can I make Michcom.net my starting page?

In Internet Explorer, go to "view" (it may also be under "tools") and then "internet options", and then change the "homepage address" (on the general tab) to read http://www.michcom.net.

If you're running Netscape, go to "edit" and select "preferences", and change the "homepage" to read http://www.michcom.net.



     Why do I get General Protection Faults in my browser?

Windows is full of fun "features" that can make it crash, lock up, and generate error messages, sometimes for no apparent reason. If you're getting unexplained GPF (General Protection Fault) errors, there are some things you should try:

Before anything else, run scandisk to check for disk errors.

If you're running an antivirus program or crash guard, try disabling it. Sometimes these programs can interfere with your browser.

Make sure that your video drivers are up to date. (Check with your hardware manufacturer.)

If all else fails, reinstalling the browser sometimes clears up the problem.



     How can I protect my kids from inappropriate content?

There are a number of programs available that will allow you to "lockout" certain sites so that children will not be able to access them.

For more information see Yahoo's directory of filtering software. Please keep in mind that Michcom.net will not provide technical support for these programs.



If you have additional questions, please feel free to email us at support@michcom.net.


Tech Support  |  DSL  |  Dial-Up  |  Web Hosting  |  What's New  |  Use Policy  |  MBE Computers