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What is DSL?

DSL provides high-speed Internet access over existing copper telephone lines. No special wires are necessary; just the plain old phone lines that are already out there. DSL utilizes a bridge or router at the customer location, which connects to a Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer (DSLAM) in the telephone company's Central Office (CO). The DSLAM is property of New Edge Networks, who leases space in the CO to collocate the DSLAM. The copper phone lines that connect to the bridge/router at the customer location travel through the DSLAM in the CO; this is what enables high-speeds on the line. The DSLAM is connected to Michcom.Net and we are connected to the Internet.

Fast Access
New Edge DSL allows you to send and receive data at speeds up to 1.1 Mbps. That's 35 times faster than a 28.8 Kbps modem! Your business will operate more efficiently, saving you time and money. But DSL offers more than just fast downloads of e-mail, graphic files, web pages, and software. DSL also enables advanced functions like web hosting, video conferencing, video streaming, virtual private networking, and e-commerce. You will be able to establish a World Wide Web presence for your business, putting your message on center stage, reaching millions of new and existing customers.

How fast is fast?
If you receive an E-mail with a 2 MB attachment (2 MB could be a financial spreadsheet, a graphic file, a presentation, or a large text document) it would take you 9.2 minutes to open that attachment with a 28.8 Kbps modem. With DSL, you could open the attachment in about 15 seconds.

Downloading Netscape Communicator 4.7 with a 28.8 Kbps modem would take you over an hour, but doing the same thing with DSL would take approximately 2 minutes.

Constant Connectivity
In addition to providing the highest speeds possible over copper wires DSL provides you with a dedicated connection. This means your DSL connection is always on. There is no need to dial-up to connect to the Internet. Simply click on an icon and you're online. No dialing, no logging on, no more wasted time or frustration.

Big-Business Bandwidth at Small-Business Prices
Until now, "always on", high-speed Internet connectivity has been affordable only to large corporations. With New Edge DSL Michcom.Net can provide high-speed access for a fraction of the cost of expensive T-1 or Frame Relay services. Now any business can afford a full-time connection to the Internet, allowing you to increase your productivity and operate more efficiently.

Complete Solution
You can even connect multiple computers to your DSL circuit, sharing the high-speed access among everyone in your office! Now, every employee in the office can stay in touch with customers and suppliers, research the competition, and connect to e-mail in seconds instead of minutes. No more waiting in line to use the Internet, and no more paying for multiple dial-up accounts.

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