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  • March 22nd 2014 All Server Issues have been resolved.
  • March 19th 2014 : Issue: Mail Server Has Failed, a New Server has been Ordered and we will prepare it as soon as it arrives
  • February 26th 2010: (1:30am) Resolved: Changed a defective 96port modem card.
  • February 25th 2010: (10:30pm) Issue: Dialup Phone numbers are being reported as disconnected, this is a encoding error. We are working to correct the problem.
  • July 20th, 2009: Resolved: Webmail & Imap are now completely restored, all mail was delivered and or sent. If you are having any issues, please call support.
  • June 23rd, 2009: Issue:  Webmail still not fully functional, We are working to resolve this issue.
  • June 22nd, 2009:  PhP Resolved:  All PhP enabled websites should be functioning properly. If you are still experiencing issues, please call support.
  • June 19th, 2009:  Issue:   Some Webmail & PhP functions temporarily disabled. We are working to resolve these items.
  • August 23rd, 2007:  Resolved; 3:30pm; Our dial-up phone lines and office phone lines were down. We worked with TelNet Worldwide to resolve this issue.
  • August 16th, 2007: Successful; Scheduled maintenance from 12:01am to 4:00am; New Edge Networks will be performing an important IOS upgrade to their core routers that will add several new features and improve reliability. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.
  • July 1st, 2007: Resolved; System wide outage - effecting T1, DSL and Dialup customers. We worked with New Edge Networks and AT&T to find and repair the problem. The outage was approximately from 3:00pm to 4:45pm.
  • April 6th, 2007: Resolved; New Edge Networks is performing emergency maintenance tonight at 10:00pm EDT. They expect to be finished by 4:00am EDT. They're flying an engineer in to fix the backhaul problem. Expect your service to be interrupted during this window if you have DSL service in East Lansing, South Lansing, Holt, or Okemos. DSL customers in other cities and all dial-up users should not be affected.
  • April 5-6th, 2007: Resolved; For the last few days or so DSL users have been experiencing problems sending e-mails. Especially e-mails with attachments. We now know this to be a problem with the backhaul from the Lansing to East Lansing central offices. This is only affecting DSL customers in East Lansing, South Lansing, Holt, and Okemos. DSL customers in other cities are not affected. A piece of New Edge Networks equipment is bad. Possibly their DS3 or ATM card, and it's generating input errors and CRC errors. Web traffic seems to be largely unaffected by it.
  • March 15th, 2007: Resolved; For several hours nobody had internet access (layer 3). Users couldn't get to external websites or send e-mails. The internal sites worked like www.michcom.net, and you could check your existing e-mail but nothing past that. Telnet Worldwide did some maintenance early in the morning that we were unaware of. Once they "bounced" the line everything came back up to normal.
  • October 19th, 2006: Resolved; There was a nation-wide routing problem which was affecting New Edge Networks and other top-level internet backbones. This in turn affected Michcom.net and our customers. Some web sites were unreachable and their names didn't resolve. Even if you tried using the IP address of that site, it still didn't work.


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